Pat Spellman

Personal Training Client 2017

Ben took up the challenge of training me at the start of 2017. He quickly grew from just being a trainer to a good friend - someone I trust, and respect immensely. 

Ben quickly picked up on my strengths and became familiar with how my mind and body works - and every session now includes elements that test my limits and leave me feeling eager to do more - and be the best me I can be.

Having tried and given up on weight loss journeys in the past, it was important that Ben find a way of keeping me motivated and on track, otherwise – like many times before, I would’ve strayed and simply given up. This simply wasn’t ever an option with Progressive Training, and Physical Impact – the club culture, and rapport I established with Ben in particular was unlike anything I’d experienced in the past. Manaakitanga was entrenched in all we did.

This year we've set a pretty hefty goal of losing 85 kilograms. This will only work if I push myself, maintain a strict, healthy diet and work harder than I have, ever before. 

This will only be possible with the guidance, support - and most importantly belief that Ben provides me not only during training sessions, but just in general.