Quinn Hireme

Client, now Colleague at Physical Impact

A man with a personality that equally matches his experience & professionalism. Excellent in every way.

Ben opened my eyes to Olympic Lifting, which aided me so well that my muscle increased while dropping 15kg of body fat. The way he instructs sessions & classes are presented with a positive attitude & environment, & that laugh is so contagious that it raises your positivity so intensely. This is truly one of the greatest things I have observed from any trainer. With the help of his instructions given to my technique, 


I have never felt so safe during exercises until he gives his advice. His knowledge & education he has shared with me has given me so much precise information to advance my personal sessions with my training, as well as my sessions with my clients.


Without a doubt, Ben is one of the best trainers I have ever met, & his influence in my fitness life will never go unrecognised. I am grateful for everything he has taught me, & helped me with, & I look forward to the future training sessions of him instructing me.