Michelle Quaife

Personal Training Client 2015-2019

I first started personal training with Ben in 2015 after my 3rd child. Having never had a PT before it was all very new to me. Since then Ben has been the go to, to get fit. Through lifeguard training, getting fit for a wedding, and the super special training during a surprise twin pregnancy that limited what I could do, I can say we have both learned a lot. Encouraging me, motivating me as I did various runs, Ben really is the ideal trainer. He knows how to have a laugh, knows how to set challenges that with hard work, can be achieved.  

My kids all love Ben, and Ben has always been flexible around having commitments to kids. From using my toddler Patrick as the weight for step up on my shoulders to bottle feeding one twin while I did some exercises, any hurdle was over come.   And now the latest goal is to get fit for my sisters wedding. It's going to be the hardest challenge mentally and physically with lots to do. However, I know with Ben I can achieve it and maintain it. I totally recommend this guy to anyone who wants results and a fun time while working hard. 


Aurere Thatcher

Personal Training Client 2018/19

Kia ora tātou, i ngā marama e 6 kua pahure ake, i ngana au ki te whakapiki i taku oranga tonutanga i mua i Te Matatini. Nā te maha o ngā māuiuitanga i pā mai ki ahau i tērā tau, ko taku tino aronga kia hiki i taku hauora, kia mōhio ki ngā kai e tika ana hei whāngai ki taku tinana, ā, kia ūpoko pakaru ki ngā mahi whakapakari tinana. Meikore ake ko Ben me te whānau o Progressive training, ka kore au e tutuki i ēnei whāinga ōku i mua i Te Matatini😊 ka nui tonu aku mihi ki a ia!


Brad Korewha

Brad Korewha - PT Client 2018/2019

Turning 40 years old and being overweight and unfit after having been a premier rugby player through my 20’s and early 30’s, I was disappointed with where I had let myself get to.

After years of inconsistent / non-existent physical training and a serious lack of personal motivation, I realised I needed to put a structure in place to get my health and wellbeing back on track. I made the decision to get a personal trainer and I was referred to Ben and Progressive Training through a friend, who, was already a client. This turned out to be the best decision of my whole year.

Ben really listens to what you are trying to accomplish and then designs his training accordingly. He gives excellent prior instruction on lifting technique and then analyses and corrects your form where necessary to ensure you are operating safely. His programmes are well thought out and structured -  He has an amazing ability to assess where your fitness is at and then push you right to the limit of your ability – but in an extremely positive way.

Asides from his technical ability Ben’s positive personality is infectious to all those around him and he always goes the extra mile with his personal touches that lets you know he cares about you individually.

After 6 months training with Ben I feel stronger, healthier and more alive than I have in years

If you are looking for a true professional in the Health and Fitness Industry Ben Gemmell is the ‘Real Deal’.

Leonie Cairns


Personal Training Client 2017

Ben is always fun and super encouraging. He always pushes you to your best, but is 100% supportive of your journey and fitness level. He is a top dude. I had never had a P.T before so I'm glad I found Ben as he talked me through everything, proper techniques and form, rest and nutrition. 

He is a wealth of information. The thing I like most about Ben is that he genuinely cares about his clients and always had a smile whenever I walked wearily through his door. Whatever your fitness level, age or background. 

I recommend you talk to Ben to Help You on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Quinn Hireme

Client, now Colleague at Physical Impact

A man with a personality that equally matches his experience & professionalism. Excellent in every way.

Ben opened my eyes to Olympic Lifting, which aided me so well that my muscle increased while dropping 15kg of body fat. The way he instructs sessions & classes are presented with a positive attitude & environment, & that laugh is so contagious that it raises your positivity so intensely. This is truly one of the greatest things I have observed from any trainer. With the help of his instructions given to my technique, 


I have never felt so safe during exercises until he gives his advice. His knowledge & education he has shared with me has given me so much precise information to advance my personal sessions with my training, as well as my sessions with my clients.


Without a doubt, Ben is one of the best trainers I have ever met, & his influence in my fitness life will never go unrecognised. I am grateful for everything he has taught me, & helped me with, & I look forward to the future training sessions of him instructing me.

Pat Spellman


Personal Training Client 2017

Ben took up the challenge of training me at the start of 2017. He quickly grew from just being a trainer to a good friend - someone I trust, and respect immensely. 

Ben quickly picked up on my strengths and became familiar with how my mind and body works - and every session now includes elements that test my limits and leave me feeling eager to do more - and be the best me I can be.

Having tried and given up on weight loss journeys in the past, it was important that Ben find a way of keeping me motivated and on track, otherwise – like many times before, I would’ve strayed and simply given up. This simply wasn’t ever an option with Progressive Training, and Physical Impact – the club culture, and rapport I established with Ben in particular was unlike anything I’d experienced in the past. Manaakitanga was entrenched in all we did.

This year we've set a pretty hefty goal of losing 85 kilograms. This will only work if I push myself, maintain a strict, healthy diet and work harder than I have, ever before. 

This will only be possible with the guidance, support - and most importantly belief that Ben provides me not only during training sessions, but just in general.