Brad Korewha - PT Client 2018/2019

Turning 40 years old and being overweight and unfit after having been a premier rugby player through my 20’s and early 30’s, I was disappointed with where I had let myself get to.

After years of inconsistent / non-existent physical training and a serious lack of personal motivation, I realised I needed to put a structure in place to get my health and wellbeing back on track. I made the decision to get a personal trainer and I was referred to Ben and Progressive Training through a friend, who, was already a client. This turned out to be the best decision of my whole year.

Ben really listens to what you are trying to accomplish and then designs his training accordingly. He gives excellent prior instruction on lifting technique and then analyses and corrects your form where necessary to ensure you are operating safely. His programmes are well thought out and structured -  He has an amazing ability to assess where your fitness is at and then push you right to the limit of your ability – but in an extremely positive way.

Asides from his technical ability Ben’s positive personality is infectious to all those around him and he always goes the extra mile with his personal touches that lets you know he cares about you individually.

After 6 months training with Ben I feel stronger, healthier and more alive than I have in years

If you are looking for a true professional in the Health and Fitness Industry Ben Gemmell is the ‘Real Deal’.

Benjamin Gemmell, Personal Trainer with a big grin

Leonie Cairns - PT Client 2017

... he genuinely cares about his clients and always had a smile whenever I walked wearily through his door ... 

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Image of Male at Barbell preparing to lift the weight

Quinn Hireme - PT Client, now Colleague

... Ben opened my eyes to Olympic Lifting ...

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Image of green beads close together to represent Manaakitanga or togetherness

Pat Spellman - PT Client 2017

... Manaakitanga was entrenched in all we did ...

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Strini Naidoo

Managing Director, Physical Impact

Ben came to Physical Impact 4 years ago wanting to complete his co-operative placement work. Like all companies and facilities we did a sit down and chat about where Ben wanted to be, what he wanted out of Physical impact and what he could put back in.

We agreed on what was required and helped each other over the next year. Fast forward to today. Ben has grown into more than just a personal trainer at a facility. He is the face that you see early on Monday morning as you walk through the door with a smile as huge as the


He greets and welcomes every person as one would do to whanau. His infectious laugh will surely have you feeling a part of the team. His programme writing is second to none with every exercise planned even though it looks like he just whips the pen across the board and bam bam its up there ready to go. His watchful eye ensures our highest level of safety is met while keeping it challenging and exciting. 

From here Ben has been sort after by clients requiring more attention to performance and have employed his services as a personal coach/trainer. 


We have systems in place to review personal trainers to ensure clients and trainers needs are met. We aren't surprised with their response! Ben's clients cannot rave enough about him and his approach to ensuring their success. While being methodical and scientific his delivery is real easy to understand.


Ben demonstrates the quality of a Personal trainer/coach that deserves recognition. He is one of the greats! When he is chosen as PT of the year I can say with confidence that he will keep growing into a world figure that seeks to keep pushing boundaries to ensure the best for his clients.